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Title: Outside Heaven's Door
Author: weallfadeaway
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Rating: This CH is PG13.
Warning: Language.
Disclaimer: I do not know any one in this story.
Summary: Frank's new in town. Who's this strange skinny kid at the bus stop?
Author's Note: I have no idea why I named it this. Maybe we'll see in future chapters. All I know is that I was listening to Lifehouse when I was trying to name it... So credit to them and the song "Breathing".


I shook the memories of last night out of my head and finally rolled out of bed. A small smile graced my lips as I thought of the strangers last words. Soon enough. That had to mean that he went to school with me, right? I mean, where else would I run into him in a town like this? Unless he regularly frequented the mall, like I happened to, I would just have to leave it up to fate. Or him being a Belleville high school student and resident delinquint, like I'm really hoping. Yeah, I could definitely picture us alone in the detention hall, making out on the teacher's desk. Groping. Panting. Licking. Biting. Okay, for real. Where are these thoughts coming from? Maybe I've been watching too much HBO. Yeah... too many Queer As Folk commercials. Cable and pot... not making me think straight. That's all.

I got dressed, did my hair and make up, all in record time, and rushed down to the bus stop, finding only one other kid sitting there. Tall, lanky, and emo glasses that rested on pronounced cheekbones. Plain black hoodie over a Smashing Pumpkins tee shirt, faded blue jeans, and some worn out red Converse with black laces. He had light brown, almost dirty blonde hair, messy... sticking out everywhere. All I know is my mouth went dry when I saw him, and I couldn't help but bite the inside corner of my lip. Damn, what is with these cute boys messing with my head since I got here? I'm going crazy. That's all.

I stood, there, nervously, for a second, before glancing at my watch, and realizing that the bus wasn't coming for another 15 minutes. So, with a sigh, I sat down, next to the guy. Fuck! See, mom? I could have slept for five more minutes! No problem.

"Hey, I don't think I've seen you before. New kid?" he asked.

"Unfortunately." I said, then extended my hand. "Frank."

He shook it. "Mikey. So, where'd you move here from?"

"California. Berkeley."

"Aww. You lucky bastard!" He sounded genuinely jealous, which made me smile a little.

"Obviously not so lucky if I had to move away. Then again, I haven't been here long enough to judge it yet."

"Well, trust me, Frankie. I've been here for the entire 15 years of my life, and this place sucks harder than a truck stop hooker." I had to laugh at the saying.

"Wow. So, how's the school? What should I expect based off a snap judgement of me?" I asked him.

"Hmm... well, no offense, dude, but I'm only saying this cuz you remind me alot of my brother and I'll tell you about what he goes through. Ooh! You can meet him when you get there!" He exclaimed, cheerily, clapping his hands together.

"Why isn't he catching the bus with you?"

"He stayed at his friend, Bob's, and he drove him. I told him I'd take the bus by myself." he explained, "But anyway, he gets called a fag all the time and the jocks and cool crowd just torment the living hell of him. He ignores them most of the time, but whenever they do get their hands on him, it's kinda bad, ya know. I guess from the pent up agression from the days when he ignores them or something... I mean, I'm not trying to scare you, dude... I get it too. Not as bad, and maybe you won't too. But for some reason, they just don't take kindly to guys in eyeliner."

"Yeah. And maybe they'll lighten up on him, now that they have someone else to kick around." I joked, and we both smiled. "So, your brother gets called a fag and harassed everyday because of a little makeup?" I asked, and Mikey nodded. "But he won't stop wearing it?"

"Oh, hell no!" Mikey said, smiling proudly. You could tell by the gleam in his eyes that he just adored his big brother. "He is not scared of them. He may get his ass beat, but he's not going to change who he is for anyone. Besides... he just looks really hot in eyeliner. Most guys do."

Mikey smiled at me. I smiled at Mikey. And this was the start of our friendship. But, I had the nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach that...

I was really going to want to meet this brother.

The bus came, and me and Mikey got on with our first day at school together. He said he was so happy to have me there because none of his friends were in our grade. They were always his brother's friends, older guys, and he was always the baby of the group. So it was nice to have someone his own age around. Me and Mikey had so much in common, it was rediculous. From music we listen to, to comics we read, to cartoons we watch... we both even play an instrument! It was hard to picture Mikey holding a bass. I mean, the thing probably weighs as much as he does. And those bony little fingers look like they would snap if they tried to hold down those thick strings for longer than a second. I mean, it takes serious strength. More strength than people realize, and I just play guitar. Little tiny strings. Maybe that tall, lanky nerd could surprise me... Maybe he could show me how strong he really is... No! No, I gotta control myself, man.

We only had a couple classes together, english and geometry, and Mikey informed me that I had art with this famous brother I keep hearing about, but the rest of my classes were alone. My classes with Mikey were great, they flew by fast. We sat talking the whole time, ignoring the taunts of 'faggots!' and 'freaks!' and you could tell that it was the first time in a long time that Mikey had a good day in school. I was kinda proud of that. I never had this much impact on any of my friends back in Berkeley, and none of them had the same impact on me. And I was happy I had made such a genuine friend on the first day. Yeah, me and Mikey were definitely inseperable now.

In geometry, he said he still hadn't seen his brother, so I wouldn't get to meet him in art. He said his brother was an amazing artist and that he wanted to have his own comic someday. And a band too... with Mikey, his friend Ray, who I met later, and Bob, who didn't come to school with Mikey's brother either. It really made me wonder what they were up to last night. Mikey said he was going to ask if I could be in the band too. I smiled at that. And then he asked me over to hang out after school. I smiled at that too, and accepted. And he finally told me the mystery brother's name.


Well, thanks to everyone who read the last little bit... Whoever comments first on this gets a cookie!

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