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Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis is a community for slash stories revolving around the members of My Chemical Romance. Any pairings are welcome, as well as pairings involving members from other bands, as long as someone from My Chemical Romance is in the story & gets some love at one point.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

INTRODUCTION - Post the following before the story.

-Chaper Title: (If necessary.)
-Summary: (Please don't make this go on forever.)


[1]. If your story is chaptered, please include the links to previous chapters with your updates. Using this might be helpful.

[2]. Don't lurk. You don't have to write stories, but at least comment on the ones you read.

[3]. Con. Crit. is welcomed, but there's a difference between giving helpful advice & being a bitch; Don't be a bitch.

[4]. Post your story under a Livejournal cut. (If not using rich text, use this code: <*lj-cut text="STORY NAME HERE"*>. Just remove the stars).

[5]. As of right now, anonymous posting is allowed; But if it becomes a problem then it will be disabled.

[6]. Please no introduction posts or anything off topic. Community promotion is allowed, as long as the community somehow relates to this one & it's placed behind a Livejournal cut labeling it as a promotion. Otherwise the post will be deleted.

[7]. Posts requesting a certain fic get very annoying. As of right now, these kind of posts are allowed. But if there gets to be a lot of them, then they will be deleted. Also, please look here before posting a fic request.

[8]. Helping to promote this community is as sweet as boy sex. Which is very, very sweet. Promotion banners are (hopefully) on the way.

More rules will be added as needed.

SLASH PHOTOS - I'm not claiming any of these pictures as my own.

I've racked my photobucket for all of my slash pics. Here they are. If you have any My Chem slash pictures that aren't here, comment in deathcab_pansy so they can be added. =)

BETAS - If you want someone else to review your fic & make some changes to improve it, e-mail it to one of the below addresses.

- girlsxandxboys : slipknot_fan_atic@yahoo.com
- quirkyblah38 : quirkyblah38@hotmail.com
- krinklecut41490 : eitakp@gmail.com


Image hosted by Photobucket.comdeathcab_pansy
Image hosted by Photobucket.coms0methingwick3d

Please don't hesitate to tell us any ideas you have for more rules or to make this community better by commenting in one of our journals. We don't bite.